Weightlifting Aerobic Circuit Index

Training for conditioning and in between learning Olympic style lifting!

A common misconception people have when they hear the words "Olympic Weightlifting" is that it's a sport where big guys lift huge amounts of weight over their head.  The Weightlifting Aerobic Circuit (WAC) fitness program has been designed to breakdown this misconception by teaching people more about the Olympic movements whilst increasing their own condition and strength. Get fit and have fun with gravity! All you need is a 4-6 kg bar.

Competitive weightlifter from the Dutch weightlifting club the ROC van Amsterdam have incorporated the WAC fitness program in their daily training schedules.  They use the WAC fitness program in their warm-up and cool-down phases of their training, as well as recovery session after strenuous competitions.  In these phases the athletes use a 6 kg bar.  In the off-season the more experienced lifters use the WAC fitness program as an inaugural part of their off-season training using more weights (up to 40 kg)

The WAC fitness program can be done individually in private surroundings, or in groups (of up to 20 people) in gyms all around the world. The use of music can add to the WAC experience, however it should only be used as background for entertainment value. Speed of movement can be stimulated by counting reps or verbally accentuate accelerated execution or static positions. E.g. put a group in their individual lowest positions, walk around, check and correct their stature during 10-20 seconds.

The WAC fitness program is a six step guide to learn the Olympic movements of weightlifting including essential training exercises used by competitive lifters. On completion of the WAC fitness program most people will have a better appreciation for the sport and its complexities.  It is important to note that not everyone will be able to achieve the correct technical movements, however everyone will be able to complete the power version of these exercises.

Like most physical exercise, you need to be of sound health in order to the WAC fitness program if you have any questions regarding your health please see your doctor before starting with the WAC fitness program. Supervision by a trainer that knows about Olympic style weightlifting techniques is recommended.

Good luck from drs. Tom Bruijnen, h/o Sportquest

BTW don't try to register WAC as a trade mark, I hereby grant everybody to use WAC-lessons and the WAC-method for free, but at your own responsibility. If you would like to publish WAC-material, feel free to contact me by e-mail.